Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridesmaids Sequel

Bridesmaids Sequel
Bridesmaids Sequel. Due to an incompatible temperament and worldview, I think it’s fair to say that Judith Butler would make a terrible Hollywood executive. But the radical feminist thinker does have one thing in common with slick-talking producers and studio suits: both think of women with a sense of unease.

Not any individual woman, mind you; no single actress or ticket buyer. Nor any specific value that can be termed ‘feminine,’ which can be packaged in images and marketed as well as anything else. No, the apprehension is about women as a category – an amorphous group constituting more than half the population, but varying widely in terms of culture, class, age, geography, and desires. What do women want? It’s hard to answer when women are more easily defined not by what they are but by what they are not.
Title: Bridesmaids Sequel
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