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Chaz Bono engaged

Chaz Bono engaged

Chaz Bono Engaged, Chaz Bono marry ‘within a year. The star of 42 years old – born of a woman named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery about three years ago – said he and Jennifer Elia long-term partners have devoted much time and are hoping to marry soon.

Chaz said: “We have actually been engaged for two years and – somehow had to put things on hold a bit. “I would say within a year, definitely. Do not make excuses, but we went through a lot. I transition. She went to graduate school. So you know, we were making the movie. And I wrote the book.

“It was a lot. Now I feel like once this is over, we sit down and plan a wedding.” The couple can marry legally because Chaz is officially regarded as a man, but he insists he would not have felt comfortable with a civil partnership when briefly legalized in California in 2008.

Asked if he considered a civil partnership, Chaz – whose parents are the singer Cher and her late former husband Sonny Bono – told television talk show host Piers Morgan: “Actually, no, really were not, actually.

“We had a window. I knew then that the transition would. And I do not – just did not feel right for me to marry two women, because I felt I was a woman.”
Title: Chaz Bono engaged
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