Monday, May 16, 2011

Dexter's Got A Brand-New Nanny For Season Six

Showtime announces former Off the Map star Aimee Garcia will join the sixth season of Dexter as Batista's sister and a new nanny for baby Harrison.

Ah, fresh blood. We aren't exactly sure what happened to Dexter's old nanny, but we don't mind another new face for season six one bit, particularly one this pretty.

Fresh off the cancellation of ABC's Off the Map, TVLine reports that Dexter has recruited Map star Aimee Garcia for a new role in the coming season as baby Harrison's new nanny Jamie, and none other than Angel Batista's sister herself! Could there be romance in the air, amidst all the blood spatter? After Lumen left (and thank Harry she did), we know Dexter doesn't mind getting down a bit in the wake of his wife's murder.

Oh, and don't worry about Dexter's former nanny Sonya, as the report points out "sources confirm she either got fired, quit, or died." Hmm. Alright then.

Garcia joins several new faces for the cast of season six, most recently hip-hop artist and actor Mos Def, and the big news of Colin Hanks' season-long recurring role as "Travis, a highly intelligent young expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami."

Other known details for season six include the reveal that Dexter's relationship with sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) will take center stage this season, and the announcement of three as-yet-uncast recurring roles for the season.

Dexter begins shooting in Los Angeles May 25th for a likely Fall premiere of the sixth season's first episode, titled "Those Kinds of Things!" (SpoilerTV)

But don't take our word for it! Check out the teaser trailer, and make your bloody mark in the comments section below!

Title: Dexter's Got A Brand-New Nanny For Season Six
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