Friday, May 20, 2011

The best end-of-the-world movies

The best end-of-the-world movies
The best end-of-the-world movies. When researching my memory banks for this article, I realized how many end of the world movies there are. People obviously love the apocalypse, and that makes me smile. Getting right to it, here are what any half-witted human should probably also consider the Top 10 end of the world, apocalypse-fueled movies. * "12 Monkeys"
* "2012"
* "28 Days Later"
* "Dawn of the Dead"
* "Deep Impact"
* "Dr. Strangelove"
* "I Am Legend"
* "Independence Day"
* "Logan's Run"
* "Mad Max"
* "Miracle Mile"
* "Planet of the Apes"
* "Soylent Green"
* "The Day After"
* "The Day After Tomorrow"
* "The Terminator"
* "WALL-E"
* "The War of the Worlds" (1953)
Title: The best end-of-the-world movies
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